Montag, 24. Mai 2010

A Second Face - Sunlight Report 1

In the past months I was asked several times about the sequel for "A Second Face" and how the developing is going on. I have now decided to make continous reports on this blog in order to show the progress of the game. I am working hard like ever and just managed to conclude another game, that is currently translated into Italian before it's release. So I am dedicating large parts of my time to "A Second Face - May Sunlight be with You". The first screenshots can be seen below like the entrance to the "library of the sun" or the "neverending swamps". A concrete date for the release of this full lenght project is still not fixed. It depends also very much on how fast we can translate it into English when it is finally done...


  1. I love the perspective on the second image, and that sky is ominous!

  2. hi
    i am big fan of your games and i wanted to know when the second part of a second face will come
    i just was amazed so much from the first one and want to know what happens next but dont give spoilers...

  3. Hi everyone!
    Is there any news on this project?