Sonntag, 28. November 2010

A Second Face - Sunlight Report 2

In this report I would first like to announce a new version of "A Second Face - The Eye of Geltz is Watching Us". It includes a full Spanish translation by Idoia Irazuzta and Julio Pozo.

It is our hope that a lot of Spanish speakers will now be able to enjoy the game.

By the way, the version includes improved running animations for the main character and several small fixes.

The sequel "May Sunlight be with You" is still under way and a few new Screenshots are available. In the past months I have mainly worked on background artwork and it is getting more and more concrete. The storyline has developed and a small demo might be released this year at some point in December.

1 Kommentar:

  1. hi i am big fan of second face!! and i have to say that this game's plot hooked me up so much that i cant wait to see what will happened next
    so there will be a demo of it in end of December ?