Montag, 7. Februar 2011

Three Nominations for the Earl...

So Earl Bobby got three nominations for the AGS Award of this year.

Best Voice Acting.
Best Sound Effects and
Best non Player Character (Must have been the shepherd)

I think for a commercial game this is a pretty good success!
Now let's hope that it makes the step and wins an award this year!

Thanks to all who nominated the game!


  1. I actually would pick Arnold as the best NPC :)

  2. Please please i am really curios about the second part of second face can you reveal more information of the progress of making the game ? :D thanks and i really want to say i am your huge fan every one of your games is so unique in a good way but second face really caught me not ready i so liked it i beat it like 10 times i think and i am really curios to know if you got any progress in making dust to water ?