Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Sunlight Report 4

This time the Sunlight report focuses on the concept art for "A Second Face". I showed the sketches to my friends and they convinced me to share them with you. This will give you a small insight on how some of the game's cutscenes look so far.

I use markers to get an idea of how the colors will look once in the game. Shading is mostly done by applying pastel colors. The basic structure is made with a 4H pencil, which sets up the layout and proportions of the drawings. Animation instructions and game related numbers are overlaid with red markers. This is great help when planning the direction of the whole scene.

Important dialog segments get added to the backgrounds and become part of the scenographic viewpoint. Plot descriptions that describe single scene parts are placed in the middle to create separation.

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  1. Dear Le woltaire great work!
    All the best with the development.